Our R&D Claims Process

Our claim process is designed to be as efficient as possible, reducing the time you need to invest into making the claim so you can do what you do best; running your business. 


Free Consultation Meeting

Our R&D Technical Specialists and Chartered Tax Advisors will meet with you to evaluate your business and its activities to identify whether you could qualify for a R&D Tax Credits claim. They’ll also run through our process with you and how we can ensure the claim is prepared in an efficient manner for you and your team.


Our team pride ourselves in project managing the entire process for you and the way we deliver the claim will ensure that there is minimal disruption to you and your business.

Technical Discussion

Our team of Chartered Tax Advisors and R&D Technical Specialists will visit your key members of staff to discuss with them the work they are undertaking and whether this qualifies as meeting HMRC’s criteria of being eligible for R&D relief. Our specialist R&D team will then prepare technical reports on the projects discussed at our technical discussion meetings.

Cost Extraction

Our Chartered Tax Advisors will extract the qualifying costs that can be included in the R&D claim, ensuring that the claim is accurate and maximised. Not only are we looking at making a retrospective claim but also spotting opportunities that could support a larger claim in the future.


The tax legislation is complex and by using our Chartered Tax Advisors ensures that only the costs that qualify are included; reducing the risk of enquiry from HMRC.  Chartered Tax Advisors have undertaken the “Gold Standard” tax qualification; being the top of the field for providing tax advice.

Report Prepared

Our team of Chartered Tax Advisors and Technical R&D Specialists will prepare a robust report that covers both the tax aspects of the claim but also the R&D technical projects. Not only this, we include as much information in the report as possible to minimise any questions HMRC may have.


Previous experience from our team mean we understand exactly what HMRC are looking for in the report and this reduces any questions that HMRC may have.

Collaborative Review and Submission

Our team will run through the R&D report with you to ensure that it is factually correct and gives you an opportunity to add anything else to the report that you may wish. Once approved the document will be submitted to HMRC with the company’s corporation tax return by our team of corporation tax specialists.

HMRC Approval

When our team submit the R&D claim this is not the end of the process. We will liaise with HMRC until your claim is approved and answer any questions that they may have. Typically we expect a claim to be processed within 4 weeks from the submission date, however this can take a little longer in busy periods.

Moving Forward

Our team will start planning your future claims and whether there are any opportunities to maximise this for your company going forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

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