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Our Services

Corporation Tax


Our team can handle all corporate tax matters including compliance, payment advice and making claims for relief. Our team of experts will ensure that all claims and elections are identified and processed on the corporation tax return in a correct format and within the allowed time periods.


As our team are also Chartered Tax Advisors, we will ensure that any changes in tax laws are considered and how these changes may affect your business.


Corporation tax compliance can be an easy area for errors and should HMRC come to investigate could leave your business with penalties and interest payments. Our team strive to ensure that the returns declared to HMRC are correct and fully disclosed to minimise the risk of enquiry.

Capital Allowances


Capital allowances can be a valuable relief that are often overlooked by accountants. For example, if you have purchased a second-hand commercial property, you may be able to claim capital allowances on existing fixtures within the property. Commercial property owners must be proactive in their capital allowance affairs; our experts can work with you to get the best deal.

However, timing is critical and we would recommend that you speak to one of our specialists as early as possible to avoid missing out on the tax benefits available.

Private Client Tax


Whether it is profit extraction or tax planning opportunities, our private client team will ensure to minimise your tax liability. Our team provides a bespoke service that helps you meet your compliance obligations in a tax-efficient and timely manner.


It seems the more money you earn, the more complex the tax landscape becomes. There’s no one size fits all here and each client’s needs and future plans will result in different advice being needed. Our team of experts will also consider how making one decision could have an effect on another tax, for example you may be undertaking R&D activities and by changing your remuneration strategy could result in a greater tax saving across your personal and company’s tax position.

Employment Tax


Our team will ensure that you are being compliant but also attracting key talent to your business. As a business leader, you may be considering how to attract key talent to your business.


This could be by offering them benefits in kind which will not only have a cost to the business but also the individual themselves. Or perhaps a HMRC approved share incentive scheme would be beneficial to not only attract the talent but also support your business to grow with people striving for the same goals you have.

Accounts Compliance


Our team of chartered accountants will ensure that your end of year accounts and Companies House obligations are met on time and are accurate. Our lead chartered accountant is also a chartered tax advisor which adds to the benefit of ensuring any opportunities are spotted while preparing the annual compliance.


Our team also provide management account services, where we can even visit you periodically to undertake this service on site.

VAT and Customs Duty


VAT and Customs Duty can be a complex area for many, and getting VAT wrong can lead to penalties, interest and be time-consuming to correct. Our VAT expert can help you and your business to ensure that you remain compliant with HMRC, while maximising your opportunities. Our team can support in:


  • Indirect tax investigations and disputes – we can deal with and prepare for an investigation with HMRC as well as dispute an unexpected result on your behalf. This reducing the burden and your involvement so that you can concentrate on your business;

  • VAT Health Checks – by giving your business a VAT health check, we can ensure that your business is being compliant with current VAT rules even if you consider your business to be completely conscientious with VAT reporting. We are also able to emphasise and make potential corrections where necessary on opportunities we identify;

  • Recovery of overseas VAT – we are able to assist UK businesses with the recovery of EU VAT paid in other jurisdictions. Our team will put forward a claim/claims, discuss any queries with local tax authorities in other EU member states and will continue to liaise with tax officials until a business receives a refund. We are also able to offer a UK VAT refund claim process for international clients whom do not belong in the EU. Our service includes an application for a refund of UK VAT paid while doing business in the UK from HM Revenue & Customs, provide all supporting documentation that is required by our tax authorities and we will liaise with HMRC, dealing with any queries they may raise on the claim before making a repayment; and  

  • VAT compliance – from preparing and submitting returns, to registrations, option to tax declarations and ad-hoc advice.